Acquiring, Trading, and Withdrawing of Bitcoins


There is a lot of haze in concept regarding the use of Bitcoins, their transfer and withdrawal of money against Bitcoins etc. Many people, who don’t have much idea of the virtual world, believe that the cryptocurrency is as virtual as the online world. Therefore many don’t believe you can actually get cash money in your hands by cashing out Bitcoins from an ATM.

But this is very much normal, that the money you are storing and using, should come to our hands as naturally, when you need it. Just like you take out money from a normal bank’s ATM, you can take out money from a Bitcoin ATM too.




How to start with Bitcoins

It’s pretty easy to start trading in Bitcoins. The idea is to accumulate Bitcoins as much as you can, so that when you want to cash it, you really can make a lot of money from the accumulated coins. And even a fraction of a coin amounts a lot. Therefore finding programs which gives you Bitcoins as rewards for some action, or lets you trade with Bitcoins to earn more is the way to start.




Now if you have no Bitcoins, as the beginner, your first step would be to open an e-wallet account with any such Bitcoin trading blockchain based platform. For this you would get a lot of options by simple googling.


Then next step would be to open a blockchain account. Now you will have to buy bitcoins in a fractional denomination, as 1 Bitcoin can be too expensive to buy. However, if you can afford 1 Bitcoin, you may buy. And then your aim would be to invest the owned bitcoins in trading, so that you may multiple them.


Where to invest your bitcoins

There are several programs to give you good returns on investment, and 1% return is a fairly good return in this platform. However, stay aware of ponzi schemes and fraud programs which promise too lucrative returns like 10%, which is practically impossible.

Backed by trusted investors and used by millions of customers globally, Coinbase is one of the most popular and well-known brokers and trading platforms in the world.

Your bitcoins will stay stored in your wallet until you withdraw them. But when you want to withdraw the bitcoins, you will have two simple solutions. One is to simple approach a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs are available in all major cities of the world.

The other way is to find a bitcoin broker, who will buy your bitcoins to fund the equivalent amount in your currency in your bank account. People who feel that the bitcoin ATM is faraway from their location often opt for this option.

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